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Integrate your Consumer, Shopper and Customer marketing efforts to earn more loyal brand consumers

Integrated Consumer, Shopper and Customer Marketing will drive higher revenue, profitability and brand loyalty

4 Tasks

  1. Communication of the brand promise to drive “Intention to Purchase / Use” – by focusing on creating awareness, understanding and belief in your brand’s proposition

  2. Influencing the Point of Purchase to win the Decision to Purchase your brand – by emphasising the desirability (Value) of your brand over other choices

  3. Establishing your brand’s presence at the Point of Sale – by ensuring you can be found and bought at the shopper’s convenience

  4. Delivering the brand’s promise to promote “Repeat” purchase / Use – by ensuring your brand experience is preferred by your target market

5 Thoughts

  • You only get paid if you win at the “point of sale”

  • If you do not win at the “point of sale” everything you have done to that point is a cost, not an investment.

  • Don't "over promise" and "under deliver" on the brand proposition - it only creates dissatisfaction.

  • The greater the levels of preference you create, the more profitable you will become

  • Keeping “Loyal Users” is more profitable than acquiring “New Users”

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