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Category Definition - The Category Consumer Benefit

  • A category is a group of solutions (products and services) that are intended to deliver a defined consumer benefit in response to a defined consumer need.

  • Thus, to “control” the solutions included in the category, the consumer benefit the Category offers must be clearly and precisely defined

  • The more specific the defined Category consumer benefit, the narrower the range of solutions within the category, and the wider the range of substitutes.

  • Too broad a definition of the Category consumer benefit will result in a very broad range of solutions in the category, and a corresponding reduction in the range substitutes

Try this:

  1. What is the defined consumer NEED that is relevant to the category in which CHOCOLATE competes?

  2. What is the defined consumer BENEFIT of Chocolate

  3. As a result, what are all the products and services in the Category defined by this consumer need, that compete with Chocolate

  4. And what are the substitute products that are relevant to this Category?

  5. Finally, check that all products in the Category are “INTENDED” to satisfy the defined consumer need and that they deliver the defined Category Consumer Benefit.

Please share your conclusions so we can see if everyone is aligned…….

Surprisingly challenging?

We'd be delighted to help you define your Category and its Substitutes...... and so bring focus to the growth challenge!!

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