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Does your Category Definition really reflect the consumer consideration set?

A Category is a group of "solutions" (products and services) that meet a consumer need by delivering a defined benefit (the "Core Benefit") - thus, in the mind of the consumer / shopper, the category includes ALL solutions that they consider as a viable option to satisfy their "Core Need"

Most suppliers and retailers work to a narrower definition of the "Category" - by including a filter such as "products the retailer can manage" . Whilst this filter makes it "practical" for retailers, it limits the scope of Category Marketing and by definition, the scope of the opportunity for the Category to grow.

In Category Marketing, we consider ALL solutions identified by consumers / shoppers as being a part of the Category. Thus we recognise all products and services that are designed to deliver the "Core Benefit", the "Substitutes" that consumers / shoppers are choosing, as well as those that are used in a complementary or associated role.

This broader definition means that the Category Marketing practitioner has a fuller understanding of his Category of interest, one which reveals more opportunities for growth, innovation and collaboration.

If you want to transform your Category Definition into one which will reveal more growth opportunities for your business, please contact me....

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