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Have you mastered the essentials of Commercial Excellence in Category Marketing?

What you need to excel at in order to win – our 16P model for FMCG / CPG businesses

Whether your commercial objective is to survive or thrive, you need to persuade your target market to consume, buy and distribute your product in sufficient quantities to deliver the results you want. Here is our checklist of the elements your commercial teams need to master to unlock growth and deliver sustainable long term results.

  1. PESTEL - Have a deep appreciation of the market forces that impact on your market value chain and your category.

  2. Point of Consumption - Know everything about how your category and brands are consumed, and how well they satisfy the needs of target consumers in that moment.

  3. Point of Purchase - Understand how and where the decision to purchase the category and your brands is made – identify those elements that you should be influencing

  4. Point of Sale - Understand where and how the category and your brands need to be presented to shoppers in order to achieve retail sales targets, and deliver a satisfying shopper experience

  5. Point of Buying - Know what influences and determines your customers buying and support decisions – determine what type of relationship will be the most productive

  6. Point of Service - Understand what’s possible and establish the right level of service throughout your supply chain to ensure you make promises you can keep

  7. Potential - Assess the true potential of your category and brand and identify where in the market value chain the greatest value lies

  8. Proposition - Define a compelling and motivating proposition for your category and brands that is made relevant for your target consumers, shoppers, retailers and internal stakeholders

  9. Positioning - Position your category and brands in the minds of your consumers, shoppers and customers such that they are relevant, unique and compelling

  10. Personality - Interact and communicate with consumers, shoppers and retail customers in a way that resonates with their values and is true to your brand

  11. Product - Ensure your product delivers your consumer promise as consumer needs and expectations evolve

  12. Packaging - Use packaging to communicate with consumers and shoppers and enhance their total brand experience

  13. Pricing - Ensure pricing delivers the brands value proposition and remains competitive whilst delivering profitability for your customers and your business

  14. Placement - Ensure your product is available to service every valuable consumption occasion and is available for purchase wherever the shopper expects to find it

  15. Promotion - Promote your category and brands to drive sales value, sales volume and profitability – avoid the trap of selling at a discount all the time

  16. Persuasion - Persuade your consumers, shoppers, customers and investors to act in favour of your category and brands – do everything to ensure you deliver your promises to each

Commercial excellence requires you to continually improve your offer to the market – focusing on improving your company’s standards in the 16P’s will unlock greater potential and improve your commercial performance.

We’d be delighted to help you and your team master each of these areas, in a way relevant to their role in your organisation – please contact us for training, facilitation or troubleshooting to help you unlock your commercial potential.

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