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What impact has the pandemic had on you - professionally and personally?Published on April 25, 2020

As we all get used to the impact of the "lockdown" and begin to adjust to new ways of working, living and managing our relationships, it may be time to think about the changes that have taken place, and the changes that will need to take place as we exit into a "post covid era"

A simple exercise is to think through three questions, from a professional and personal perspective and to consider not just what has changed , but what WILL change.

Professionally, consider the impact of the pandemic on your business / professional life....

  1. What did your business STOP doing?

  1. What did your business START doing?

  2. What did you business continue to do?

And then co

nsider what will NEED to happen as you EXIT the lockdown and enter the POST COVID era...

  1. What will your business STOP doing post covid?

  2. What will your business start doing post covid?

  3. What will your business continue to do post covid?

This should give you a good idea of the impact of the pandemic on your business, and what you business needs to do to enter the post covid era successfully...

It is also important that you consider the impact of the pandemic / lockdown on you as a person - this will put you in a much better position to manage and mitigate the negative and to take advantage of the new circumstance. So, again consider the three questions...

Personally, consider the impact on you, your lifestyle, your relationships

  1. What did you STOP doing during lockdown?

  2. What did you START doing during lockdown?

  3. What did you simply carry on with during lockdown?

And then consider what you need to do as you exit lockdown into the post covid era...

  1. What will you STOP doing in the post covid era?

  2. What will you START doing in the post covid era?

  3. What will you continue to do in the post covid era?

I hope that this simple approach will help you reboot your "professional" and "personal" lives - and put you on a path to recovery and greater success

Stay safe, stay productive

Here to help....

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