Category Exclusivity

We do not work for our client's competitors within the same category of products.

Higher Growth

We focus on unlocking your GROWTH potential. We have a proven track record in helping a wide range of businesses recover, accelerate and surpass their growth objectives. 

Lower Risk

Our free consultative services give you the chance to evaluate and assess our competencies and fit with your business prior to any financial commitment to us – if, after working with you to co-develop and complete the brief, design the approach and select the team, you are not confident in our ability or relevance to deliver the results you need, you are free to cancel our further involvement without cost.

Lower Cost

We price our work on market rates for different types and levels of work as opposed to charging fees based on the seniority and experience of our team. This means we charge less for work that requires lower skill / experience, no matter how senior / experienced the resources used – this can result in at least an 80% saving for  you in specific project elements compared to some of our competitors. And we don't have big overheads to finance.....

More Commitment

Our critical measure of success is client satisfaction – this drives every commercial measure of our business including our future revenue and how we reward ourselves. We are committed to achieving the right outcome for your business, no matter what the assignment - and we will demonstrate pragmatic and considered flexibility in our approach to deliver this.

We think this commitment makes us different from our competitors and is valued by the aspirational, result focused businesses we seek to serve.

Why Us?


T: +357 9689 4367


T: +357 9689 4368

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